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The Best & Safest Rubber Car Floor Mats

The Best & Safest Rubber Car Floor Mats. Our Rubber Car Mats Are Made From High Quality Rubber. Plastic Car Mats Are Unsafe for your family These Contain Cancer Causing Phthalates and High PAHs

We supply to over 20 countries and can custom make mats based on your requirements. Get in touch with us today for your requirements

When you buy a new car or a second hand car , you will need a set of car mats to cover the felt provided by the car company on the floor.

The choices are: 1. Fabric Car Mats 2. Rubber Car Mats3. Plastic Cars Mats.

If you decide on choice No 1 – the Fabric Mats ,you are Safe as these are safe mats.
If you decide on the choice No 2 , you have to be sure the these do not contain Cancer casing Phthalates ,as cheap quality rubber cars mats have these chemicals called PAH ( Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) in them and they can cause cancer if preset in high proportions. But of you buy LEO Rubber Cars mats which are made as per European Commission norms for PAH , then you and your family are completely Safe .

Lastly ,if you decide on Choice No 3 – Plastic Mats , you are in for a serious problem as all cheap plastic cars mats containing Cancer causing chemicals called Phthalates . These can cause a  serious health hazard for your and your family if fitted in your car. In hot summer months these give out a smell .opening the door of a car parked in the sun and the chemicals are inhaled by you and your kids.
So go with Safe Car Mats- Our Car Mats made from Safe Rubber that are free from Cancer causing chemicals .

Switch To Our Car Mats Today Which Are Made From Safe Non-Toxic Natural Rubber and Are Safe For Your Family & Pets. The Best & Safest Non-Toxic Rubber Car Floor Mats in India

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