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Natural Rubber Dog Toy- Flipper

Love ‘N Care Dog Toy- Flipper is made from Organic 100% Natural Rubber.

The Flipper’s mouth has small rubber pins that prevent the pet food from coming out all at once. Flipper dispenses the food when you pet bites on it.

This dog toy is made from a strong rubber compound and is fairly durable but it is not indestructible. After constant use, should it get damaged, please discard and buy a new one.

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Feeding your Pet in a bowl causes Bloating, Discomfort and Stomach Pain.

This is because of the air that goes in when your Pet gulps down Food quickly.

Flipper- The Eat Slowly Food Dispenser. A Revolution in feeding Pets.

Flipper, the bottle-shaped slow food dispenser leads to less air being gulped by the Pet while eating and results in a happier Pet with a Gas-Free Tummy.


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